Natural hairy girls with wet hairy bush
Natural hairy girls with wet hairy bush

Like…turning the school teacher prude into a naughty girl… or meeting a woman at a church get together and taking her home for a 1st meeting night of debauchery… things like that. It does not matter what we do, so long as it takes the woman out of her comfort zone. For one particular woman it was getting her to play with her hairy pussy inside a completely lit space. For another it was sucking me right after I was inside her. The rush for me is obtaining out her limits and pushing her past them.

Typically speaking, this has been fairly effortless for me. I mean pushing a woman beyond her limits. Finding a woman to be with me could be the challenging portion. I’m not overly handsome or “hung” either - just an typical guy. But acquiring back to my point… this is going to produce me sound like a total wuss, however the cause why it’s effortless for me to obtain girls to go beyond their limits is that - even though I have a dark side, ladies have told me that once they are with me, I’ve a gentleness… a caring side about me. They get comfortable with me and just follow my lead.

This is how I met my girlfriend. She was incredibly conservative and right after one time with me I had her doing anal. Tiny did I know that pushing her beyond her limits, would end up eliminating all her limits and turned her into the sexual dynamo she is these days. And not simply did she remove her limits, she now shares my kink and actually enjoys pushing people beyond their limits as well. Given that her group of sex toy party pals are fairly conservative, she decides to view if we are able to push several limits.

More than the last year or so, the attendance at the parties had been dwindling. It really is generally three or four ladies and my girlfriend. The party normally begins by 8 and by 11 or midnight most have left. So my girlfriend makes the plans. I’ll come more than around 11 PM and pretend to pick up a thing I left at her place and it is going to hopefully be her and one particular friend left. She figures that the last individual left will probably be probably the most likely to obtain involved in our sneaky tiny covert operation.

I show up at the appointed time. Standing on the front porch, I can hear loud music and laughing from inside. Damn… put somewhat wine into some women and they could replace the bull horns for the neighborhood police department. I knock and no one answers. Knock once again…nonetheless no response. I ring the doorbell and after a couple of seconds the door opens about 6 inches.